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Telemedicine in Huntington Beach

Elevated Health in Huntington Beach offers telemedicine services, which is an interactive and personal approach to healthcare. 

Our telemedicine services, utilize telecommunication technology, meaning you can have access to your personal physician from anywhere. Through calls, video or chat, our family doctors can adequately assist in diagnosing and treating patients without being in the same room or even geographic location as them. Removing the barrier of finding the time to visit traditional healthcare practices, telemedicine is conducted remotely so that patients can ask questions at their own convenience. Physicians are then able to support them with any monitoring and treatment-related services.

With instant access to your primary physician, Elevated Health allows you to be in direct communication with the doctor you trust, with equal access to our promised extended and relaxed visits. We encourage a more personal experience when it comes to healthcare so that you can feel comfortable reaching out to us anytime, from anywhere.

How Does the Process Work?

Telehealth services have altered the way healthcare is practiced, allowing it to be easily accessible by anyone from anywhere at any time. Telemedicine makes it possible for you to be treated at a distance. Whether you experience minor but common medical issues, need a routine post-treatment follow-up, or are unable to make it to a healthcare facility due to sickness or clinical care – telemedicine allows you to connect with your personal physician quickly and easily.

Remote medical services can help in the following healthcare processes: provide a general health assessment, proper and adequate diagnosis, treatment plans, potential interventions, connection to partner specialists, and access to electronic medical information.

The term telehealth and telemedicine have been used interchangeably. However, they each have different areas of focus. Telehealth is the broad spectrum of telecommunication technologies, which includes telemedicine as a subset with the focus on clinical services.

At Elevated Health, we make healthcare services including labs and procedures convenient and accessible. If needed, we can mail medications conveniently to you at a wholesale price or send them to your local pharmacy.

If your doctor requests blood work to be completed, we will most likely send you to a draw site at any Quest lab location where our trusted partners can service you, all while utilizing your insurance or our wholesale lab prices.

Accessibility to basic medical tools through audio and video equipment makes healthcare more affordable and interactive, allowing you to be in control of your health.

Telemedicine Offered at Elevated Health in Huntington Beach

Receive convenient telehealth services in Huntington Beach or wherever you are with Elevated Health. Allow us to see you electronically to help diagnose your current health conditions and give you the care you deserve.

Through telemedicine services, we can directly communicate in real time. Through this service, each patient has the opportunity to ask questions and provide a medical history to assist in proper diagnosis or treatment possibilities.

As an interactive healthcare platform, telecare removes the inconvenience of scheduling an appointment and taking time to travel to the doctor’s office to be observed. Elevated Health makes healthcare convenient and easy to access. Remote medical is a great resource to help in supporting and increasing patient satisfaction. We are available to you through the internet, webcam, email, and text 24/7.

Here at Elevated Health in Huntington Beach, your wellness is our top priority. Become a part of our family to receive free telemedicine services today!