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Take a Step Up

Our direct primary clinic in Huntington Beach isn’t paid by insurance companies for codes and data. We are paid by you. That’s why we have the same goals you do: to keep you healthy, use as few medications as possible, avoid unnecessary care and save you time and money.

Enjoy more personal medical care in huntington beach

We are dedicated to restoring your belief in medical care by giving you a more personal and affordable experience with your family doctor. Forget about your past experiences with feeling over-charged and underappreciated. Direct primary care clinics are designed to give you the medical care you deserve without all the bureaucracy. We are here for you, and you’ll notice the difference.

Benefits of Our Primary Care Clinic

We offer unlimited office visits with no copay and as much time as you need. We are designed to accommodate a much smaller group of patients so that your appointments are not being rushed and our family doctors can take all the time they need. We provide the added convenience of an onsite wholesale pharmacy, X-ray, drug testing lab, and ultrasound so that you don’t need to travel or wait for these specialty services. Our primary care clinic in Huntington Beach, California prides itself on a far more personal experience when it comes to communication. We are always available for our patients via phone, email, and text. Finally, all of our services are included in your membership, or offered at-cost, so that you’re never paying extra for the services you need.


We offer unlimited office visits and personal communications via phone, secure e-mail and text.


How does this work? What about insurance? Do you work with Medicare? Here are some answers.

Office Hours

MWF 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
T/Th 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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For our members, we are always on call.