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Specialized Medical Treatment in Huntington Beach

Occasionally, you are going to need specialized treatments and Elevated Health is available to help you receive the care and service you need.

Specialized treatments are medical practices offering advanced care in a particular discipline. We believe medical treatments should be personalized to fit your specific injury, illness, or pain.

With years of experience and training in medical treatments, our specialists are dedicated to improving your quality of life and we want to best serve you.

How Does the Process Work?

We support doctor-patient relationships because it influences the health decisions you make, which impacts your general wellness. Medical specialists who are trained in multidisciplinary practices are available to assist in the procedures and treatment processes. Once you have been evaluated, we will diagnose and create a treatment plan on how to move forward.

If you are experiencing severe joint pain, have a recent injury, suffering from skin irritation or frequent breakouts, tight and aching muscles, need Botox, or struggle breathing – specialized treatments might relieve you of unnecessary pain. Most procedures are completed in-office and if you require an in-person consultation for specialty medical care we will work closely with one of our partners to help you make decisions and meet your needs. The following services are accessible and affordable for all members to access.

·       Joint Injections

·       Laceration repair (glue, stitches)

·       Cyst removal/drainage

·       Ingrown Toenail Removal

·       Accutane Management

·       Skin Lesion/ Skin Tag Removal

·       Botox

·       IV Hydrotherapy

·       Vitamin B12 Injection

·       Cryotherapy

·       Allergy Injection

·       Breathing/Nebulizer Treatments

·      Chiropractic

·      Weight Management

·      Specialist Consultations

Communication is simple with additional medical specialists, as we have partnered with RubiconMD that allows for you to get free e-consults with any medical specialty. We provide a wide array of medical treatments and want to ensure you receive the best care and treatment available.

Visit us for Medical Treatment in Huntington Beach

Get any medical treatment you need in Huntington Beach, California with Elevated Health. We provide exceptional services to our members, that are different than traditional healthcare services by offering you unlimited access to your doctor, relaxed visits, around the clock access through technology, and basic specialist care free of charge. Become part of our community by visiting with your doctor whenever you want without worrying about overpaying for specialized medical treatments. Your overall wellness is our top priority.