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Pricing for our Medical Services

At Elevated Health, we are dedicated to providing full transparency among our pricing and medical services in Huntington Beach, California. Within our direct primary care model, a membership covers fees to an extensive list of possible medical treatments you may need, as well as unlimited visits with your doctor. This design was created with the mission of aligning our healthcare goals with yours. So that you always know what to expect from your primary care clinic. Have questions about this direct primary care model or the specific prices for our medical services? Let us know!

Monthly Membership Fees

Enrollment Fee: $75 per person. Maximum $150 for families that enroll all at the same time.





0-19 (with a paid membership) $20
20-45 $75
46-64 $95
65+ $115
College Student (<30 years old) $50


Employees and spouses $75
Employee dependents $20
5% discount on membership fees paid annually.

Free Services

In-depth Annual Physical
Office Visit
Electronic Consultations
Sports and Camp Physicals
Pre-operative Clearance Exams
Breathing Treatments
Ear Wax Removal
Finger Stick Glucose
Joint Injections
Laceration repair (glue, stitches)
Cyst removal/drainage
Specialist Consultations
Ingrown Toenail Removal
Hearing Test (Audiogram)
Accutane Management
Mononucleosis Test
Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT)
H. Pylori Antibody Screening
Hormone Replacement Consultation
DOT Exams

Other Medical Services

Any other medical treatments necessary are accessible to a patient with an additional charge that is determined by the medication or technology, at the cheapest possible price. These can be found specifically listed on our individual pricing pages. We don’t believe in hiding fees!

Home Visit - $75 (Call for details.)
Pap Smear (With HPV, if indicated) - $60
Skin Lesion Removal -
     4 free per year - $5/lesion thereafter
Botox - $8/unit
Seca Body Composition Measurements -
     1 free per year, $10 subsequently
IV Hydrotherapy
Vitamin B12 Injection - $1
Psychology Visit - $20 per 15 minutes

Suboxone Treatment - Our new Opioid Addiction Treatment unit, Elevated Recovery is NOW OPEN! Please click here for more information regarding Suboxone pricing and treatment.

Chiropractic treatments :
$60 initial exam/consult & first treatment $45 follow up visit
**OR: $180 for a package of 4 visits, 5th visit free.

For more information, checkout the pricing for:

Also Included in Membership:

  • Unlimited Access to your Doctor

  • Unlimited Office Visits

  • Same-day and next-day scheduling

  • Relaxed visits

  • Wholesale labs & medication costs

  • Access to your medical Information 24/7

Prices are subject to change without notice.