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Annual Physical Exams: Huntington Beach

Here At Elevated Health, we offer an annual physical exam as part of your membership in Huntington Beach, California. We believe in receiving regular assessments to help discover and treat problems before they begin. By getting an annual physical and receiving the right kind of health services, you will ultimately help yourself to lead a longer, healthier life. Here are the different types of physicals we offer:

Annual Physical

An annual physical exam is all about you and your specific goals for wellness. We’ll begin by performing a complete physical exam, and additionally, order appropriate tests. We’ll also take the time to hear and address your concerns. Ultimately, this is your time to have an open dialogue about your health and in turn, we’ll ask you a series of questions regarding your personal and family medical history, check your vital signs, and give you all the recommended health screenings (like a hearing test and eye exam) to best treat you.

Sports Physical

To prevent getting sick or hurt on the court, field, or track, active teens should prepare themselves by receiving regular sports physicals. Many people don’t know the core difference between a regular and sports physical. But a sports physical is primarily done to assess a teen’s health and fitness level to ensure safe participation in sports. A lot of sports camps typically require a sports physical, too.  During a sports physical, we will search for any injuries or diseases that could potentially lead to further complications while your child is playing sports. We want them to continue being active without having to worry about potential risk factors.

Camp Physical

Like a sports physical, camp physicals are typically required before sending your child off to a certain camp. Receiving a camp physical is a great way to ensure your camper can safely participate in the camp activities. Even if it’s not required, we highly recommend scheduling a physical beforehand to stay on top of your camper’s overall health.

Additional Exams

In addition to our annual physical exam or sports/camp physical, we offer preoperative clearance exams and a Seca body composition test as part of your membership. Here’s what you need to know about pre op testing: this type of test isn’t done just to clear patients for surgery, but rather to assess and decide if further measures should be taken to prepare higher risk patients. We also offer a body composition test as part of your membership, in which we use advanced, precise technology to break down your weight into different body compartments: water, muscle and fat. Measurements are then processed and compared to the measurement results of the scientific gold standard to better understand how healthy your overall body is.

Whether you need an annual physical exam or just have general questions about your health, we’re here for you. We want you to feel heard and understood, and ensure that you’re safe to continue living your life and participating in regular activities without stressing over possible injury or disease. Here at Elevated Health in Huntington Beach, you’re our first priority. If you're not a member already, join now to be a part of our supportive health family.