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Medical Imaging

Performing medical imaging procedures on and off-site, Elevated Health in Huntington Beach, California offers any service you need at an affordable price. Depending on your injury, sickness, illness, or medical condition, you might need a specific imaging procedure completed to assist you in getting the care and treatments you deserve.

Medical diagnostic imaging is utilizing specific technologies to view inside the human body, as a non-invasive procedure. To properly diagnose or view current conditions, the results vary depending on the type of technology used and the area of the body under evaluation. Medical imaging can also be used to monitor or treat health conditions.

How does Medical Imaging Work?

Diagnostic imaging is constantly advancing and improving. Clinically, these images can provide information about vital parts of the body to ensure the diagnosis is accurate. Performing diagnostic imaging procedures requires getting a clear picture.

There are different types of imaging and each uses a different technology. The two most common types are x-rays and ultrasounds. However, there are other types of medical diagnostic imaging as well. 

These procedures work by ionizing radiation (ultrasounds), electromagnetic radiation (x-rays), strong magnetic fields and radio waves (MRI), or a combination. Some even work without ionizing radiation. Specific procedures and types of imaging provide a clearer image depending on what part of the body is being viewed. All medical imaging function through waves and frequencies to make a picture of what is inside.

Some Types of Medical Imaging We Offer:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

  • Dexa

  • Mammogram

  • Computed Tomography Scan (CT)

  • Cardiac CT Calcium Score

  • Esophagram

  • Hysterosalpingogram

  • Breast MRI

  • Low Dose CT Lung Scan

Although some of these medical imaging services are not performed on-site, we do offer the two most common forms, x-rays, and ultrasounds right here at our Huntington Beach office. Others can be made available to our members through our partners. Our members are family and we want to treat you like part of our medical community by providing additional resources when necessary.

Here at Elevated Health, we will help set you up with specialty services, even if it is not offered on-site. If the type of imaging is not available within our clinic, we will contact our partners or work with a specialist to get you the right services. We will also provide our discounted prices whenever possible.

Schedule your Medical Imaging through Elevated Health in Huntington Beach, CA

With health and wellness as our goal, Elevated Health wants to give you a personalized and affordable healthcare experience, especially when it comes to diagnostic imaging prices. We offer a unique approach to healthcare, being a direct primary care clinic. 

Elevated Health believes you should have more time with your primary physician and provides around-the-clock access through technology with no co-pays or limit on the number of visits. Your membership with us allows you to access innovative and advanced specialty services at your own convenience. Contact us if you have any questions about medical imaging procedures or general health.

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