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Lab Test Costs

Stop worrying about unreasonable lab test costs in Huntington Beach! Here at Elevated Health in Huntington Beach CA, labs are not only accurate, but affordable. Our small monthly membership fee covers numerous procedures but it does not cover all lab test costs. Because of this, we make lab prices transparent and extremely affordable. Why? Because we share a common goal with you our members, which is to save you time and money, and ensure you are nothing but comfortable with the services you’re receiving.

Even without the interference of an insurance company, our test costs are reasonable for anyone. There are no surprise fees because lab prices will be quoted before scheduling. Therefore, if there is an occasional special charge for a service, you will be made fully aware of it ahead of time. All of our members receive these discounted prices for specialty labs. We can charge the labs through your insurance, if you prefer. We also offer on-site blood draws with one of our very gentle and experienced nurses. No more waiting hours at a crowded lab draw site!

Lab Test Pricing
CBC (Complete Blood Count) $ 1.65
CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel) 3.77
TSH (Thyroid Screening Test) 1.65
Lipid Panel (Cholesterol) 3.30
Vitamin D 13.20
Hemoglobin A1c 2.29
PSA (Prostate) 2.20
VItamin B12+Folate 4.40
Uric Acid 2.75
Iron Panel 10.87
Stool FIT Test (colon cancer screen) 12.30
H. Pylori - Stool 49.50
H. Pylori - Breath 83.00
Food Allergy Panel 81.50
Respiratory Allergy Panel $135.00
Advanced Cardiovascular Panel $60.50
Avise Autoimmune Panel (learn more) $150.00 ($45 with insurance)
HIV $ 16.17
Herpes 8.80
Syphillis 3.30
Chlamydia/Gonnorhea 13.20
TOTAL $ 41.47
Female Hormone Panel
Testosterone, Free, Bio and Total $ 17.78
Progesterone 24.20
DHEA Sulfate 13.20
Estadiol 21.45
FSH and LH 22.00
TOTAL $ 97.63
Male Hormone Panel
Testosterone, Free, Bio and Total $ 16.78
DHEA Sulfate 13.20
Estradiol 21.45
Total $ 51.43
Stool Studies
Stool Culture $ 39.60
Fecal Globin by Immunochemistry 12.30
H Pylori 49.50
Fecal Leukocyte Stain 7.70
Ova and Parasites 18.70
TOTAL $127.80
Thyroid Panel
Thyroglobulin Anibodies $ 12.10
T3, Free 8.80
Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 20.90
T4, Free 14.03
TSH 1.65
TOTAL $ 57.48
HS CRP $ 3.30
ANA 11.55
Rheumatoid Factor 3.30
SED Rate by Modified Westergren 1.65
TOTAL $ 19.80
OB Panel
CMP $ 3.77
Chlamydia/Gonorrhea 13.20
Hemoglobin A1c 2.20
Obstetrics Panel 34.65
Urinalysis with Reflex to Culture 2.90
Maternal Serum 13.20
TSH, Pregnancy 1.65
HIV 1/2 Antigen, 4th Generation 16.17
TOTAL $ 87.74
Vitamin Panel
Vitamin D $ 13.20
Iron 10.87
Magnesium 2.20
Vitamin B12/Folate 4.40
Phosphate 2.20
TOTAL $ 32.87

Please note that lab test costs are subject to change.

With your Elevated Health membership you will receive full access to your Huntington Beach doctor whenever you need, via unlimited office visits or personal communication over the phone, making lab test costs, inquiries, and results, easy and quick to access. When we get your lab results back, your doctor will have ample time to go over them with you and walk you through appropriate treatment options, if necessary. For any questions or concerns about lab testing, visit our Additional Lab Testing page (Link to “Additional Lab Testing”) or contact us directly!