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IV Hydration and Medical Specialties Huntington Beach

IV therapy fluids are among the most common medical interventions worldwide. IV hydration therapy is utilized when a patient is largely dehydrated from illness or excessive activity. Normal saline bags can be used to address a range of symptoms anywhere from vomiting to fast heart rates to lightheadedness. Often, ann IV drip is able to quickly resolve these issues.

We also offer Vitamin Bags when useful. This combination of hydration and vitamins is known for its ability to alleviate chronic symptoms like inflammation, muscle pain, fatigue and stress. Relaxing properties also help with alleviating anxiety, migraines and muscle cramps. It is also known to boost immunity! Healing vitamins such as Calcium, B12, B-Complex, Vitamin C, and Magnesium are all found within this healing concoction.

We also offer Vitamins à la carte, for the occasions when our patients are in need of a certain vitamin boost! IV vitamin therapy is administered directly into the bloodstream, allowing them to bypass the digestive system, increasing cell absorption as compared to an absorption rate of only 20% for vitamins taken orally.

As always, our members enjoy huge discounts compared to other IV hydration services. If you are not a member yet of our Elevated Health Direct Primary Care services, you can also come in for our hydration services at a discount.

IV Hydration Prices

Imaging Pricing
IV Normal Saline Bags Member Price Non-member Price
250 ml $15 $30
500 ml $30 $60
1000 ml $45 $90
500 ml Vitamin Bag $60 $120
1 liter Vitamin Bag $80 $160
Vitamins à la carte
B Complex $6/ml $12/ml
Calcium $3/ml $6/ml
Glutathione $5/ml $10/ml
Magnesium $3/ml $6/ml
Vitamin C $5/ml $10/ml

Prices are subject to change.

IV hydration therapy is a medical specialty that we offer for in Huntington Beach, California for both members and non-members at different price points. We believe in extending our discounted prices to our members as an exclusive perk of being part of our medical family. This is why our member prices are half that of those offered to non-members. Are goal is to offer any medical specialties you could need here at Elevated Health in Huntington Beach, CA.

For any additional concerns or questions, please reach out to us!