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In Office Procedures in Huntington Beach

At Elevated Health, we offer unlimited in office procedures in Huntington Beach, California as a part of your membership with us. It is a large part of our mission to ensure that you can come for a doctor appointment any time you wish, without having to worry about paying additional fees or copays or feeling rushed with your physician. A check up is an important medical visit, and you deserve the most time and best care at every visit.


Types of In office procedures

These in office procedures offered at our Huntington Beach clinic include any general health visits with your doctor when you or your child is feeling ill or has a health concern. This appointment may include small procedures such as ear wax removal, finger stick for glucose levels, or testing for strep throat. It may also consist of just asking your doctor why you have had a prolonged cold or whether you need to increase an eye prescription. There are dozens of reasons for why you may want a doctor appointment. No matter what it is for, we’re ready to help.


24/7 Access

We offer 24/7 access to our team, meaning you can reach us anywhere and anytime. Can’t come into the office for a check up while you’re away on vacation or busy caring for children? We offer unlimited text and email access to our doctors so that you can ask your questions whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

In Office Procedures Huntington Beach

wholesale prescription pricing

It is likely that at a handful of general health visits, your doctor may conclude that you need a medication prescription. As a member of Elevated Health you will receive the added savings and convenience of our in office wholesale pharmacy. We will offer you the best price and the best service every single time. This also applies to at-cost medical supplements and vitamins.

Overall, we are here for your health and wellness needs. You will never be rushed out the door to make time for more patients because we deliberately ensure we have a small enough clientele that everyone has as much access to their doctor as desired. Here at Elevated Health in Huntington Beach, our members and physicians are like family. Join us and experience what it’s like to be a part of a supportive medical community that has your best interests in mind.