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Cost of Medical Care in Huntington Beach, CA

At Elevated Health, we are dedicated to ensuring our patients feel a part of our medical care family, and to restoring your faith in healthcare. Through our DPC model, we are able to offer many medical procedures and specialties within a single membership price. These are fees that you often don’t think about until an issue arises, that can catch you by surprise. For example, if your son develops a seasonal allergy he may requires allergy injections regularly that a normal doctor's office would charge for each time. By having these unforeseen costs included in a monthly membership fee or at steep wholesale cost, you always know what to expect.

Insurance doesn’t always cut it. Between copays every time you want to ask a simple medical question, to the surprisingly expensive procedures anywhere from laceration repair to an EKG, suddenly your medical bill has reached a daunting amount. And while many of us have grown to expect this from medical care in Huntington Beach, it doesn’t have to be this way. We are doing things differently at Elevated Health. You will always know what to expect from our costs and procedures and your doctor will always discuss them with you ahead of time

Don’t believe us? See for yourself, how quickly you can save money by having so many medical procedures included in a fixed monthly price. Below are the prices of many medical care services provided by a typical doctor’s office:

Office Visit Code 99214 Included $120
Office Visit Code 99213 Included $75
Office Visit Code 99204 Included $165
Office Visit Code 99203 Included $105
EKG Included $60
Spirometry Included $80
Joint Injection/Aspiration Included $120
TB Skin Test Included $20
Cryotherapy - Warts Included $80
Cryotherapy - Sun damage Included $80
Laceration Repair/Suture Included $230
Skin Biopsy Included $120
Excision of Skin Lesion Included $600
Skin Tag Removal Included $120
Allergy Injection Included $20
Sports/Camp/OMV Physical Included $50
Urinalysis Included $20
Ear Wax Removal Included $87
Specialist Consultation Included $200
Urine Pregnancy Test Included $15
Strep Throat Test Included $47
Finger Glucose Test Included $12
Nebulizer Treatment Included $40
Incise/Drain Abscess Included $185
DMV/State Forms Included $40
Ingrown Toenail Removal Included $115

Save money and stress by always knowing what to expect from your medical fees. Don’t let unforeseen issues end up costing you a fortune. Know that as a member of Elevated Health, we are here to treat you to the best of our abilities, taking the time and care necessary, without using money as a factor. Need an annual physical or a skin biopsy? Come on in for no additional charge. No matter what it is, we’ve got you covered, with only your health in mind.

For any additional questions about the costs of our medical care in Huntington Beach, California as compared to other traditional doctor’s offices, feel free to reach out to us!