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Benefits of Taking a Body Composition Test

Close-up view of equipment used when conducting a body composition test

Directly related and associated to your overall health, a body composition test can provide insights into how to change your lifestyle, exercise plan, or healthcare practices.

By measuring body composition, an individualized health plan can be created to best fit your goals and personal needs. Not only will it help you become healthier and have more self-esteem, but it can reduce the risk of deadly diseases and cancers. You will have more energy once the muscle to fat ratio is balanced. Learn why a body composition test is important.

Why a Body Composition Test?

A body composition analysis is the technique of measurement used when examining the body to determine the percentage of body mass that is fat compared to muscle. It can also indicate where the fat and muscle are carried within the body. You want to know how much muscle you have as it indicates how lean or fit you are, comparatively. Results will vary based on body structure and proportions.

Medical paperwork with body composition analysis written on it and measuring tape laid over

The goal is to minimize the amount of excess body fat you carry around. Some fat is essential and needed to complete daily functions like temperature regulation. 

One of the differences between body composition and Body Mass Index (BMI) is accuracy. BMI measures body fat based on height and weight. However, it is considered to be outdated and muscle to fat ratio is said to be more helpful to overall fitness and health.  

A body composition test goes beyond typical and traditional analysis, as it can indicate: body fat percent and weight, water percent and weight, general body weight, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, body fat percentage, and other body measurements.

Health Benefits Associated with Measuring Body Composition

Having the ability to burn more calories and build muscle will significantly reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other health concerns. Your range of motion, movement, and function will be increased because you have more energy. If you are concerned or want to lose weight and keep it off, start by testing your body composition.

Improve Your Overall Body Composition

Simple changes in your daily lifestyle like increasing the amount of physical activity by participating in resistance exercises can help you improve your muscle to fat ratio which ultimately impacts your body composition. Another way is to incorporate cardiovascular exercises combined with healthy eating. 

Additionally, body composition results can be helpful for patients who are recovering from cardiovascular complications or a recent fall as it can help a doctor project recovery time and best practices when compared to a baseline.

What to Expect from a Body Composition Scan?

If you want to know your muscle to fat ratio, talk to your doctor the next time you have an appointment. It might require you to make an additional appointment, depending on the type of test. Some evaluation measurements or practices take a few minutes and are simple, while others can be extensive and more detailed. It solely depends on the type of equipment your primary physician has and the information you are seeking. 

Male athlete wearing blue shorts and black t-shirt improving overall body composition through physical exercises

Everyone can have a body composition scan; however, if you have any medical hardware installed within your body it is not recommended. Prepare to receive the results by fasting before completing the test and make you are well hydrated.

About Elevated Health

Not every clinic in Huntington Beach, CA offers body composition tests. As a direct primary care clinic (DPC), Elevated Health specializes in measuring body composition because we want you to get the healthcare you deserve without paying extra to learn about your health and wellness. With gold standard testing and services, we ensure a more personal approach to medical care. 

This service is included for our members, once a year, and we encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about their health and reach personal goals. Body composition scans can cost over $100 at some clinics, but we include it in our membership. If you need more than one scan annually, it is just $10. Using one of the best scales in the industry, we use SecaIf for a quick but reliable scan. 

If you are not a member, we hope you will become part of our family and experience DPC for yourself.

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