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Clinical Trials for Asthma at Elevated Health


At Elevated Health, our physicians take education and medical research very seriously. We are proud to announce Dr. Matt is a sub-investigator for some upcoming clinical trials in Orange County. These studies will be very important to move the needle in research in our medicine armamentarium.

Despite being developed as early as 1900, we still do not have an affordable option for inhaled steroids to treat asthma. These inhaled steroids can cost hundreds of dollars each month, which makes them unattainable, except to the few that have great (read: expensive) health insurance. With ever increasing health insurance deductibles, many Americans are finding they have to pay thousands of dollars, out of pocket, before their insurance starts to cover their medications and medical care.

Over the coming months, we are looking for individuals that have asthma to participate in clinical trials  that will look at a generic version of these inhaled steroid medications.

As a part of this, besides being integral in the development of affordable life-saving medication, subjects will be compensated as much as $800 per study.

Below is a list of our upcoming studies and details of each:

Westward Asthma Study for ages 12 and up

Enrollment closes June 30, 2019

2-month study - 4 visits (1 visit is 13 hours)

Subject compensation = $750.00

Novum Asthma Study for ages 12-75

Enrollment closes September 2019

2-month study - 4 visits (1 visit is 13 hours)

Subject compensation = $590.00

TPI-TEVA Asthma Study for ages 18-75

Enrollment closes May 2020

2-month study - 4 visits (no 13-hour day)

Subject compensation = $525, plus $10.00 gas per visit

Fourth Study details still pending.

Please email us so we can put you in touch with the study coordinators. As part of the study, you will have a pre-screening visit and receive a  free lung function test. If you qualify, you will have the opportunity to be paid for all 4 studies.

Please share this with anyone you know who is affected by asthma and would be interested in being compensated for their willingness to help us in our medical research.

If you prefer, you may also call or text us at: 714-916-5210