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Headache Got You Down?


Have a headache? You are definitely not alone. Millions of Americans deal with a headache at some point in their lives. There are a variety of headache experiences- dull, throbbing, sharp, pounding, to name a few. It can be felt around the eyes, behind the eyes or even on only one specific part of the head. Some headaches can be debilitating and keep you away from your work and really get in the way of living your life.

Most headaches are tension headaches and migraines caused by poor posture, stress and repetitive activities. Here’s a list of some common causes:

- sitting and working too long on a computer and desk
- long driving times- LA and OC traffic!
- looking down at your cell phone a lot- we all have to check the latest on Instagram or Facebook!
- tummy sleeping
- anxiety or stress
- jaw clenching and teeth grinding- hurts your TMJ
- dehydration
- menstruation

Here are some good ways to ease that headache:
- limit stressful events or situations
- take frequent breaks to stretch during work or long driving
- avoid teeth clenching- mouth guards are useful for this
- Exercise- low impact like walking, swimming or biking a few times per week
- Drink plenty of water! Make up for water losses from your coffee and teas, and keep properly hydrated throughout the day

Crick in your neck? Could be the cause of your headache, called cervicogenic headache. Long word, but definitely treatable. The bones in your neck have all these muscles attached, and during times of stress, those muscles get tight, push on nerves, and slow down blood flow to your head. That lack of blood flow and nerve irritation causes a headache. One of the best treatments for tension headaches is chiropractic. Getting a chiropractic “adjustment” helps take away that pressure from your nerves and arteries and puts your spine in alignment. Just like cars need tire alignments for maintenance, so does your neck and body, to help you get through the day.