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Additional Lab Work

Here at Elevated Health in Huntington Beach, we perform many in-office procedures, but also offer additional lab work based on each of our patient’s needs. Our patients are our number one priority and we aim to best treat their health and wellness by offering any lab testing services that may solve the problem at hand.

We recognize that every individualized wellness plan is different, and we want to put forth the extra effort to get maximum results for every one of our patients. That’s why we make lab work a simple and painless process. With an all-access membership, you’ll have complete access to these services in addition to your general health visits. You are more than welcome to call, text, email or visit your doctor anytime you think you may need to get lab work done.

How to get Your Additional Lab Tests

For patients that are taking advantage of our telemedicine options by speaking with their doctor remotely, we partner with Quest Diagnostics so that you can visit one of their draw sites to take advantage of these lab testing services as well. These tests can be run through your insurance, or you can take advantage of our amazing wholesale lab prices.

Here’s a list of some of the common lab tests we offer:

  • CBC (Complete Blood Count)

  • CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel)

  • TSH (Thyroid Screening Test)

  • Lipid Panel (Cholesterol)

  • Vitamin D

  • Hemoglobin A1c

  • PSA (Prostate)

  • VItamin B12+Folate

  • Uric Acid

  • Iron Panel

  • Stool FIT Test (colon cancer screen)

  • H. Pylori - Stool

  • H. Pylori - Breath

  • Food Allergy Panel

  • Respiratory Allergy Panel

  • Avise Autoimmune Panel

  • STD Testing

  • Female Hormone Panel

  • Male Hormone Panel

  • Stool Studies

  • Thyroid Panel

  • Inflammation

  • OB Panel

  • Vitamin Panel

If you don’t see the type of lab work you need, we will work with you to ensure you are able to access any particular lab testing services at the most affordable rates either at our office in Huntington Beach or with one of our specialized partners.

Some additional lab testing services can sometimes come at a small added cost. Our family doctors are always upfront about any additional fees before starting procedures and we offer incredible wholesale prices to all of our members.

Contact Elevated Health

Our goal is to get to know our patients and take the necessary time to find a treatment best suited for each individual. At Elevated Health, we treat our members like family, always putting health and wellness first. If you have any questions or concerns regarding lab services or others, please contact us.

Check out our lab prices here.