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Immunizations Pricing Huntington Beach, CA

We offer vaccines and immunizations for less than your average primary care doctor because we believe in only charging you what’s necessary for your medical care. Different types of vaccines can be absolutely necessary to keep you and your family safe and healthy, and we are dedicated to ensuring their accessibility to everyone.

Vaccines for babies are a no brainer. HepA, HepB, MMR, Hib, and more, are recommended by the CDC to be administered to your child before 15 months of age. Additional vaccines for children are expected throughout their lives at certain ages as well as before important milestones like school and camp. Many other vaccines like MMR, Pneumonia, and HPV will either be mandatory, or recommended to your child before the age of 18. And although we think of immunizations and vaccines as being necessary for babies and children, vaccines for adults are also crucial. Vaccinations become important to maintain when around small children, before travelling, and when working with certain populations.

Imaging Pricing
Hepatitis A - Adult $80
Hepatitis A - Child $40
Hepatitis B - Adult $65
Hepatitis B - Child $30
TDAP  $50
Td $40
Polio $25
MMR $80
Influenza $20
Typhoid (oral) $78
Meningitis $120
Varicella - Chicken Pox $135
Shingles $175
Pneumonia $220
Gardasil $215
Hib $20

Prices are subject to change.

When these occasions arise, we believe in offering you these types of vaccines at-cost, so that you always know what to expect and are never overcharged for the medical services you need. Additionally, as a part of our Elevated Health community, there is no rush. You can take all the time you need to discuss different options and recommendations from your doctor to ensure you are making the best immunization choices for you and your family.

Any necessary treatment not specified on our vaccines list can be made available to you. All prices can and will be discussed ahead of time with your doctor. For any additional questions or concerns, please contact us. We will do everything we can to ensure that vaccines and immunizations are as simple and straightforward as any other medical service you receive at Elevated Health Huntington Beach!