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Welcome to our newest doctor!

This National Doctor's Day we are proud to welcome Dr. Paul McKinley! We have heard nothing but wonderful feedback about him and look forward to you meeting him! 

Here is his Bio and attached is his photo! 

"Dr. Paul, a native of Southern California, returns to Orange County after serving as a
medical director in Chicago for Iora Health, an innovative, nationwide, direct primary
care organization. Prior to his time in Chicago, he spent 13 years in private practice at
Valley View Wellness Medical Center in Orange County.
Dr. Paul practices the full spectrum of primary care medicine taking care of patients of
all ages and as a former college basketball player and athlete enjoys sports medicine as
well. He also completed a fellowship in preventive and integrative medicine and has a special
interest in strategies to optimize health and prevent chronic diseases of aging using
nutrition, lifestyle change, supplements, and hormone replacement if necessary to
achieve this goal.
Dr. Paul loves practicing in the direct primary care model where he can spend time with
patients, develop relationships with them, and have the opportunity to help them live
healthier and more vibrant lives.
Dr. Paul lives in Long Beach with his wife, Kate and son. In his spare time he loves
being in the outdoors. He especially enjoys the mountains, where he has climbed Mt.
Rainier twice, and can be found snowboarding every winter."

 Dr. Paul is empathetic and understands the value of DPC in restoring the patient-doctor relationship.

Dr. Paul is empathetic and understands the value of DPC in restoring the patient-doctor relationship.

Flu Shot

According to the Australia's Department of Health, they are currently experiencing two and a half times the amount of flu cases as this time last year. This could prove as a warning sign of things to come here in the United States. The most prevalent strain is H3N2 and can put those that are older or with weakened immune systems at risk.

With that being said, our flu shots are in! Flu shots are $12 for members and $20 for non-members. If Australia is any indication, we could be see a particularly rough flu season this year. If you have any family members or young children with compromised immune systems, please send them our way!