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Swimming Safety


Summer is here! Beautiful sun and weather are perfect for swimming in those pools!

However fun swimming can be, there are some hazards to be mindful about. Here are some important safety tips and information you need to know to keep you and your kids safe this summer.

Drowning. This kills more kids in the 1-4 year old range than anything else, even more kids under 1 year old. Not only that, but it is the leading cause of unintentional death in kids 1-14 years old. This is more than pedestrian injuries per year! Here’s how to prevent this:

  • Make sure there is a barrier, like a fence, with a self-closing gate around the pool

  • Always have kids wear some kind of life jacket when swimming

  • Teach kids how to swim as soon as they are able to

  • Learn CPR and how to rescue those who are near drowning – there are many classes

    available for these around local communities

  • Always and I mean ALWAYS supervise your children closely at all times – I cannot stress

    this enough, because it is when you aren’t looking that accidents happen

Disease. Drowning is not the only hazard. More often than not, these happen in the public pools. According to the CDC, diseases from pools have increased in the recent years.

  • Don’t go in the pool if you have had diarrhea recently or have diarrhea – just one

    diarrhea incident in the pool can release millions of germ particles like cryptosporidium

    (Crypto for short) and E.coli. Even with chlorine, crypto can survive in the water for up

    to 7 days! Share the fun, not the germs.

  • Make sure pH of water is at optimum levels – you can do your own self-test by using pH

    test strips

  • Tell kids not to swallow water

  • Do not pee in the water – take kids on bathroom breaks and check diapers every hour

Here is a great resource from the CDC for safety tips and information. Stay safe and remember to splish, splash and have a blast this summer!